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Alerts on Your Amazon Product Listing

  • Change in Product Title
  • Change in Product Image
  • Change In Product Category
  • Change in Product Bullet Points
  • Change in Product Description
  • Marking of Product as an Add-on Item

Alerts on Your Amazon Reviews:

  • Most Recent Bad/Negative Reviews
  • Top Rated Reviews Designation on Bad/Negative Reviews
  • Change in Product Star/Rating
  • Deletion of Reviews

Alerts on Your Amazon Sales/Marketing

  • Product Take Down or Supression
  • Buy Box Loss/Gain (Listing Hijackers)
  • New Seller Piggybacking Off Your Listing
  • Change in Your Best Seller Badge
  • Change in Your Best Seller Rank (BSR)
  • Change In The Ranking of Your Product Keywords
  • Changes in Price and Violations of MAP Price
  • Flagging of Product As Adult Item
  • Alerts on Enforcement of MAP Pricing Policy
  • Alert on Stock/Inventory Issues

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